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All Star Power Wash, Inc. is equipped to internally and externally remove harmful dirt, grease, oil, oxidation and other contaminants from floors, walls, ceilings, structural steel and masonry at ground level or high elevations. High pressure or low pressure hot water cleaning, chemical cleaning, abrasive water blasting, vacuuming and other methods are applied to efficiently and economically restore or repair surfaces. In addition, All Star Power Wash, Inc. is also equipped to apply nearly all necessary industrial coatings to the various surfaces which it performs the preparation work.

All Star Power Wash, Inc. has performed work in a great number of various industries. Some of the most prominent industries are as follows: ethanol industry, agricultural industry, food grade industry, University of Wisconsin school system and several different city municipalities. All Star Power Wash, Inc. is able to power wash and paint the inside and outside of buildings and tanks. We clean concrete, masonry, and stone of aged properties and newly constructed buildings. We have washed many water towers and large storage tanks for cities and villages. We also wash construction equipment, farm machinery and truck fleets.

All Star Power Wash, Inc. has been in business since 1991 and has an A+ rating as an accredited business from the Better Business Bureau.