• Fleet Cleaning
  • Building Restoration
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Industrial Cleaning & Coatings
  • Residential Cleaning & Painting
  • Commercial Cleaning & Painting
  • Machinery Cleaning & Painting
  • Agricultural Cleaning & Painting
  • Concrete Cleaning & Coatings
  • Municipal Cleaning & Painting

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In today’s competitive market, operating any business at less than peak efficiency can invite economic distress. Keeping buildings and machinery clean and/or freshly coated reduces future maintenance and helps keep your facility operating efficiently and economically. All Star Power Wash, Inc. is equipped to internally and externally remove harmful dirt, grease, oil, oxidation and other contaminants from floors, walls, ceilings, structural steel and masonry at ground level or high elevations. High pressure or low pressure hot water cleaning, chemical cleaning, abrasive water blasting, vacuuming and more…